[2018-10-05 Fri] 8:42am
Rainy autumn day
A transparent film of haze
Clings to distant trees
[2018-07-18 Sat] 9:44pm
A glowing street light
Makes the tree that is near it
Seem more important
[2018-07-17 Sat] 9:30pm
Far away music
I can hear it through the bugs
The summer at night
[2018-07-11 Sat] 9:39pm
A car passes by
And the bugs stop making noise
Then they start again
[2018-07-11 Sat] 9:33pm
The bugs making noise
If I was as loud as them
I'd be told to stop
[2018-06-16 Sat] 8:59pm
A maple tree's shade
The sun moved the tree's shadow
So we moved our chairs
[2018-06-12 Tue] 3:37pm
A click and a hum
Yet the temperature rises
The AC won't work
[2018-06-12 Tue] 3:26pm
Reddish brown spider
Halfway through its wrapping job
Unlucky black bug
[2018-06-09 Sat] 9:54pm
Frist heard thunder's peal
Then lightning, rain, and some hail
Then the storm moved on
[2018-06-07 Thu] 9:43am
From a little hole
In a pillar on my porch
A bird's head peeks out
[2016-08-07 Sun] 2:07pm
It rained earlier
I still hear the pattering
Rain in the gutters
[2016-08-03 Wed] 11:12pm
There's a wooden fish
Leaning in the outside hall
Waiting for its place
[2016-08-02 Tue] 10:47pm
The fan is whirring
The cat is licking his paws
The watch is clicking
[2016-08-02 Tue] 9:57pm
Tick tick tick tick tick
Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Twelve seconds have passed
[2016-07-27 Wed] 6:19pm
Mosquitoes landing
On all our naked ankles
July is closing
[2016-07-26 Tue] 11:27pm
It is late for me
I should be in bed but I'm
Smoking with the bugs
[2016-07-26 Tue] 7:35am
My bedroom is still
Except for the slight whirring
Of the laptop fan
[2016-07-24 Sun] 8:44pm
No rain, but cooler
Ninety-five down to Eighty
Now it's almost cold
[2016-07-24 Sun] 6:55pm
Look out the window
Sky is greenish tan and gray
Hope for evening rain
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