Sony IDC-PX312

SSL certificate fixed. What a pain.

Wow new SSL certificates are annoying to install

Kopiko Coffee Candy




Now verified.

Sorry Blippi. Truck Tunes guy is the superior vehicle song artist.

Regular expressions are ugly, with beautiful results.

InDesign object, paragraph, character, and table styles are beautifful.

InDesign GREP styles are beautiful.

I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum and ass.

Pre-press is where it's at.

I need to learn javascript.

Youtube without ads is good.

Thunder storms/tornado warnings.

Someone gave us funyuns

TO ADD: formatting, photos, video, comments, likes, subscribes, algorithm, clickbait, DM, followers, hashtags

I am now making posts from my phone, so this is pretty much as good as twitter I think. I dunno probably.

Didn't realize that first post about overhauling the site went through. Noticing some holes in my microblogging process maybe.

I think I'm going to completely re-do the site again. Will probably look exactly the same except be completely different underneath.

I think I'm going to overhaul the whole site again. Fourth time's a charm.

Hi Lysi!

My ramshackle site generator is kind of a pain when I have to make a lot of changes. The process still works though!

Made some popsicle stick and pipe cleaner figures with googly eyes.

Potato soup. Kiwis. Grape halves.

Microblog is running with flask. Updating it via command line using another Python script.

Looks like it is actually working now.

Alright now maybe it is working.

okay testing again


Hey it looks like it is working maybe!